Our son has been following the ketogenic diet for many years as a treatment for his epilepsy. Because when we started there was little support, information and recipes to be found, I decided to immerse myself in the subject in order to be able to help others as well. This is how I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the past few years, which I now share, among other things, through tips and recipes on Nutricia’s Ketocafe platform for Belgium and the Netherlands.

I have since become an expert by experience, with great insight into everything involved in the medical ketogenic diet and (family) life with a child with a disorder. In addition, during the 2022-2023 school year, I followed a course in integrative child therapy, which enables me to offer not only practical guidance, but also social-emotional support.

My services include:

  1. Shopping assistance in the Netherlands: Together we find convenient ingredients and supplies for preparing keto meals.
  2. Social-emotional coaching: I offer coaching to both children and family members dealing with the medical ketogenic diet.
  3. Kitchen organisation: I am happy to help you set up your kitchen conveniently and efficiently for the keto diet.
  4. Menu planning: Together we can come up with medical keto recipes and create daily and weekly menus that are not only healthy, but also match your child’s taste preferences and have the right proportions.
  5. Connection and Support in the Netherlands: I help you connect with organizations that can provide additional support, whether financial, medical or practical.
  6. Play and talk therapy: In my cheerful and safe practice space in Voorburg full of toys, books and dress-up stuff, children with disorders and their siblings can come and play and talk. This also offers parents a well-deserved break.

Pricing for my services will be tailored to your personal financial situation and the specific services you desire. Because everyone has unique needs, I am happy to put together a customized package and an appropriate quote for you.

You are not alone; I am here to help and support, in the way that best suits your situation. Need more information? Then fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you quickly by phone or email:

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