The ketogenic diet

Most people get the energy they need for their brain from carbohydrates. With the ketogenic diet a person eats a lot of fats, little protein and little carbohydrates. The body then no longer draws the necessary energy from the carbohydrates, but from the ketones that are created when fats are broken down in the body.

When medicines have insufficient effect on the intensity and quantity of epileptic seizures, the ketogenic diet can be used as a treatment for epilepsy. Naois has been following a form of the 3:1 medical ketogenic diet for 3 years. This means that every meal he consumes is made up of 75% fat and 25% carbohydrates and proteins.

The medical ketogenic diet should never be used without medical supervision and should be adjusted by a dietician. The doctor and dietician will help with the introduction and indicate how many meals of how many calories with how many fats, carbohydrates and proteins a person needs per day. In addition, glucose and ketone values should be monitored.

More information about the diet can be found on the website of the epilepsy foundation.

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